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steps to prepare adequately for the 2020 jamb utme

welcome to 9jakonnect blog, today i we be sharing some things you need to know concerning this forth coming jamb examination, kindly read and understand all the points and am sure you applying them success will be yours.

well i understand that student of this century don’t like reading much note but you just have to read and read. below are the 5 steps to prepare your self for adequately for the 2020 jamb utme

Set your jamb score.

A lot of students fails because they lack proper planning, and for you to have a higher score you must set for your self the score you are willing to get in this forth coming exam, how is this possible? wait let take this pre-degree program as a case study, if you apply for P-D program the school we have set for you a targeted score and you strife to get above the score, in some school they set there cut off mark for their P-D student at 200, by this every student applying we know what he/she is in for, so what am i saying? set for your self what you wish top score.

Set your reading time table.

Now that you have set for your self a target score the next thing is to set your reading time table, you need to do this because having it in mind to read at times may not work, you have to do the following write down the subjects you are writing in the forth coming exam and look for the time you know you we be free, allocate each subject to a particular time.

Stick to your study plan.

Did you know you must discipline your self when you are preparing for an exam? , you much do away with any form of distraction you must not allow anything to utter the time you have set.

Start your reading now

If you are not writing jamb nut you are reading this post now, you are very fortunate. it is very important you start reading your books, well i discover that most student don’t read until the exam is near, this is very bad it is advisable to cultivate the habit of reading at least start with 1 hours reading per day and you increase your time frame as times goes on.

Practice with past questions.

Another means of preparing your self ahead is by making use of the past question, after you might have read widely the next thing is to test your self , a lot of student are found of coping ans even when they are making use of past question, no you don,t have to you have to practice without checking the ans until you are done, to put an end to this 9jakonnect we make create a space where you can do weekly practice and you we be rewarded.

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