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Social media users back Fayemi for 2023 Presidency

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The 2023 presidential election is one narrative that has continued to generate arguments and counter-arguments as the clock continues to tick towards the next presidential polls.

Following the subtle declaration of interests by some extractions in the country, a certain faction of social media users have now mooted current governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, as the perfect man for the job.

Posters carrying his photograph and campaign on the platform of the All Progressive Congress is reportedly being sponsored by the Chairman of Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Mr Femi Ayodele.

Copies of the posters, which have flooded social media spaces have resultantly been the source of a heated conversation on Social Media.

The key message on the poster reads, “Support His Excellency Dr. John Kayode Fayemi for President 2023.

Mr Ayodele said he designed the posters to register his unwavering and uncompromising loyalty to Governor Fayemi and to also dismiss insinuations that he was working against the governor.

He said the governor is fit enough for the apex seat of office in view of his highly impressive credentials, administrative savviness, and political acumen.

When asked about the development, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Fayemi, Yinka Oyebode said the governor knew nothing about the posters.

Oyebode, who said Ayodele was only expressing his own personal opinion, urged the public to disregard the posters as any efforts by his principal to express his interest in the 2023 Presidency.

He added that Governor Fayemi was focused on governance and how to take Ekiti State to higher heights with regard to infrastructural, economic and social development instead of arguments surrounding 2023 elections.


Social media users back Fayemi for 2023 Presidency - Olaniyan Najim - 6:34 pm


Social media users back Fayemi for 2023 Presidency - Chima MacDonald - 11:03 am

Fayemi does not have the carriage to govern this great country. Nigeria is not Ekiti state. the upper class is so strong that you can’t pocket them. i love Nigeria.

Social media users back Fayemi for 2023 Presidency - Abiodun Olutoye - 4:21 pm

Thanks for this information