17-year-old Wife Admits Murdering Husband In Bauchi

Salma Hassan, a 17-year-old wife, has been paraded by the Bauchi State Police Command for stabbing her husband to death.

Hassan, who hails from Itas Gadau Local Government Area of Bauchi, admitted stabbing her husband, Mohammed Mustapha, to death with a knife for attempting to have sex with her without her consent.

The suspect told journalists that she stabbed her husband with a knife because she was beaten up by him for not allowing him to have sex with her.

She said, “I never knew that sex is a marital obligation. On that fateful night when he approached me for sex, I refused him because I have never been involved in it. I thought he wanted to defile me.

“He later got angry and was trying to force himself on me with slaps and beating, then I picked up a knife to scare him away but he kept coming. I didn’t know when I stabbed him with the knife in his chest.”

Hassan killed her husband 11 days after they got married.

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82 thoughts on “17-year-old Wife Admits Murdering Husband In Bauchi

    1. Give the girl a break man. What you expect from a 17 yr old girl about sex. She never some it before, she was literally scared

  1. Northerners will just be defiling young girls all in the name of getting more than one wife. Those people are finished

  2. Only God knows what actually happened
    All this stuff about given daughters out for marriage has to stop

  3. At first she married at her early age, I think she can’t admit the pressure on her head that What make to take the action

  4. Why una no go kill yourself, when you marry person wey never ripe.. Shey the thing self no shock you? Mtchewwww

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