10 Golden HYIP/investment Rules


Am sure you have been losing much online and you are thinking everything tag online is a scam, No it’s not but your greediness caused it. and today am going to be telling you the 10 golden rule given to me by my financial mentor Dr A . Okpara. i was once like you believing that every online business is just like our own personal business. One thing i want you to know today is that every online investment is design by human being like you and nothing last for ever. When i get this rule as well and put it into practice it works and since then have say No to loss. please go through this article over and over as i will be explaining in details the Golden rules.

1.  Invest in new paying sites after doing your own research (DYOR)

The mistakes most people make when investing online is not doing a proper research about the investment they are introduced to, How many times have you do proper research on online investment that have run away with your money, Investing in new site is the best because it’s new and everything will work perfectly for months evern if there will be any problem but NOTE not all new investment site are real we still have some that will eat up your fund the very moment you invest with them, so how do you know if a site is real and paying? this where DYOR (Do your own research) comes in make use of all the search engine tools like Google,youtube even your facebook is one of the means of doing your findings,  after doing your findings and you are convince then you are goods to go by investing

2.  Get out your capital as fast as you can

Yes this is where you are getting it wrong, i know you want to turn your investment to something big but you are getting it wrong, when investing online after your DYOR then what should be at the back f your mind is to get out your capital, most of us Love money to the extent that will loss it. To be on a saver side your target should be hoe to get out your capital. even if the investment site promise you heaven and earth don’t forget i said those operating this system are also human being like you. get out your capital first.

3.  Don’t be greedy

The reason why you have been losing online is because of your greediness, as an investor when you are greedy you will want more profit and invest everything you have, even many people will go out to borrow thinking when they make profit they will settle everything they borrow and at the long run the site will run away with all their investment, a friend of mine said “Ponzi makes one poorer than he his”, but this is not so it is call greediness try to do away with greediness and your story about online investment will change.

4.  Withdraw 30-50% of your profit.

After you might have bring out your capital in any system you are investing into, the next thing thing is to be investing the profit you have made and by doing this try to cash out 30% to 50% of your profit by doing this you have nothing to fear of even if the site should close down because you have your capital and profit with you.

5.  Build reinvestment on 50% profit and keep going.

As have said earlier after you have cash out your profit and wish to continue with the investment don’t put back all your profit but instead invest 50% of what you have gain from the investment .


Am sure you are finding this interesting the 10 golden rule of online investment i will be dropping the reaming 5 very soon always come back to check latest update on my blog. you can join my facebook group for more update


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